Flash workshop

A Photography Workshop By Len Grinke Photography

Flash workshop

A Photography Workshop By Len Grinke Photography

Introduction to
Flash Photography

A Flash Workshop by
Len Grinke Photography

Saturday January 27, 2024

10am - 12pm


Learn How To Use Flashes And Strobes

Len Grinke, a 4 time Nationally Accredited Master photographer, has gained the reputation of being one of the industries top people photographers.  In this workshop, Len will be helping you will be build a solid foundation for using portable flashes or speedlights. A foundation that will help you regardless of which direction your photographic journey takes you.


A two hour, introductory flash workshop that will build a foundation for taking flash portraits!

What You Will Learn In this Flash Workshop

  1. l On Camera Flash Techniques
  2. l Controlling Off Camera Flash
  3. | Channels and Groups
  4. | Controlling Multiple Off Camera Flashes
  5. | What Is TTL And How To Use It effectively
  6. | Flashes in Manual Mode

Registration for Flash Workshop

Workshop Date: to be announced

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Location: TBD

Contact: 604-307-4566

Registration: $100

Using Off Camera Flash

What is Off Camera Flash or OFC? Learn the how’s and why’s of OFC and discover how you can start create interesting light in almost any situation. 

Flash techniques 1

Current Flash Technology

Modern handheld flashes and strobes have incredible technology built into them. Technology that can be used to create amazing lighting. Learn to use this technology to your advantage.

Manual vs. TTL

Learn the difference between manual flash and TTL flash and in what situations that each works to your advantage.

Flash workshop

This is an introductory hands on flash workshop!